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Groovy Movers

Groovy Movers Classes are split into three sections, or you can choose one class all year round.

These classes are so much FUN and the children live for their Dance/Gymnastics/Sports class each week!

Our coaches are all qualified and are dbs checked, first aid trained and have all taken their safeguarding certificates.


Groovy Movers Music and Movement

In this class we offer warm-up, nursery rhyme songs, props, rhythm, working on vocabulary and colours, musical instruments and lots of music!

We work towards the EYLS practising skills such as:

  • communication and language.
  • physical development.
  • personal, social and emotional development.


Groovy Movers Gymnastics

The children learn lots of new skills in our gymnastic classes working on flexibility, strength and co-ordination. We bring equipment to class such as A-Frames, mats, hoops, balance beams and ribbons.

The children learn new tricks such as bridges, head to toes, forward rolls and stretching.

These skills help with – muscle memory, gross and fine motor skills, balancing, focus and stamina.


Groovy Movers Sports

Preparing the children for all kinds of Sports. We offer traditional sports day races such as egg and spoon, dressing up game, relay races and many more. Also, throwing/catching balls of all sizes, football, basketball, skittles. Welly throwing if there’s enough room in your nursery outside or hoop tossing. The children are split up into 3 teams for the term and can win points for their team in each

These new skills include working as part of a team, understanding going one at a time, co-ordination, sharing the equipment by passing over to each other and being able to take part in their own Sports Day,

We are currently running sessions in Nurseries across Berkshire. Please let me know if your nursery would like a free trial lesson for one of the above or all of them.


Please contact the Principals for information regarding our school classes.

Sarah Maskell – 07737 416657
Natalie Collins- 07883 107404


Main benefits

Personal development

Motivating and working to the children’s full capabilities whilst having fun. Building confidence in a nurturing environment
and exploring new skills.

Crucial Life Skills

* Self-awareness
* Improving focus and effectiveness. …
* More motivation. …
* Greater resilience. …
* More fulfilling relationships.
* Learning to grow and being supported in a positive environment


We are Inspirational by learning new skills including balance, co-ordination, muscle technique, vocal skills, Performance Quality, eye contact, posture, projection, team work and many more.


breaking barriers

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