Breaking barriers



Holiday Workshops

We run Drama, singing, dance and arts and crafts throughout the week for children aged 4-16. We offer half days or full days for the week. We aim to put a performance on to friends and Family on the Friday afternoon. We have our teachers visiting throughout the week. The children look forward to a fantastic week learning new skills, performance technique and meeting new friends!  

Street Dance

Street dance is a fun, energetic activity and we work towards street dance exams yearly along with performing in our breaking barriers showcase. During the classes we dance to lots of pop music and learn many routines throughout the term!


We offer group drama lessons which are fantastic for confidence building and diction. The students will often learn warm ups and then move on to improvisation and script work. Our aim is for every child to stand up and say their lines with characterisation and confidence.


We work on the R.A.D ballet syllabus and every couple of years we enter students to take exams, where we have achieved some amazing results in the past. We also perform in the breaking barriers showcase where the students get to show their ballet skills learnt throughout the year.


We now offer one to one lamda lessons within school. The students will work towards achieving their grade within Lamda and will be examined yearly.

Glee Club

We have lots of fun learning songs from musical theatre, pop, Disney and any request from our students! We perform in the breaking barriers showcase using professional microphones and in the theatre. We work on our singing along with some staging for each track. Students gain lots of confidence and especially learn to project and sing correctly.

Nursery Classes

The nursery sessions consist of a dance warm up, different nursery rhymes each week, props, colours, numbers, instruments, basic dance moves i.e marching, galloping, clapping, stamping, walking on toes. rhythm and basic tricks.

Breaking Barriers Adult Fitness

Fun, easy to follow routines taught in a darkened room with glow sticks to club music from the nineties through to today.

As well as up to date tracks, we have music to take you back to your clubbing days. Burn at least 400 calories per class while dancing to your favourite tunes. It’s a sober, fitness party every week!

Sarah Maskell has been a qualified aerobics teacher for twenty years. Having taught circuits, spinning, step, Zumba and Streetdance to adults, this is right up her street!

In addition, come and experience our “Clubbercise World”, with “legs, bums and tums” included as a separate session to help you tone up and provide a cardio workout.

This is for all fitness levels and all age so come and try it out………!!

Main benefits

Personal development

Motivating and working to the children’s full capabilities whilst having fun. Building confidence in a nurturing environment
and exploring new skills.

Crucial Life Skills

* Self-awareness
* Improving focus and effectiveness. …
* More motivation. …
* Greater resilience. …
* More fulfilling relationships.
* Learning to grow and being supported in a positive environment


We are Inspirational by learning new skills including balance, co-ordination, muscle technique, vocal skills, Performance Quality, eye contact, posture, projection, team work and many more.


breaking barriers

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